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Investing for Impact Across the North

NAIF is a Commonwealth Government financier, providing concessional loans for the development of infrastructure projects in northern Australia and the Australian Indian Ocean Territories. 

About Us

Transforming Northern Australia

Our region spans across 50% of Australia’s landmass. We support projects that deliver public benefit to the north, through new jobs, regional income, business for local suppliers and Indigenous employment opportunities.

We help grow economies and populations and encourage private sector investment in all industries including resources, agriculture and water, energy, financing partnerships, social infrastructure, and transport and logistics.

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Performance summary

Our Impact

NAIF is delivering on its vision to transform northern Australia through financing infrastructure development, with over $4.4 billion committed to projects. Figures are correct as at 31 May 2024.




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33 Projects and Counting

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Agriculture and Water

We support projects that enhance the region's agricultural productivity, water management, and sustainability.

Agriculture and Water


We are a significant player in the energy sector, propelling northern Australia towards a sustainable energy future.


Social Infrastructure

We understand the importance of investment in robust social infrastructure to build thriving communities.

Social Infrastructure


We invest in many resource projects including critical minerals, gold, copper, urea, and other valuable commodities.



Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how NAIF, the Australian Government entity, supports economic and population growth in northern Australia by financing diverse projects across sectors like resources, energy, healthcare, and more. Learn about eligibility, funding options, and the impact on local communities.

NAIF provides financial assistance to projects and businesses that help northern Australian communities and industries grow, prosper and develop sustainably.

Our goal is to accelerate infrastructure development and drive economic growth by funding and encouraging private-sector investments in all sectors, including agriculture and water, energy, financing partnerships, resources, social infrastructure, transport and logistics. 

Backed by the Australian Government, NAIF invests in, or lends money to, infrastructure projects and businesses that: 

  • Generate public benefit beyond the framework of the project;
  • Stimulate longer-term growth in the economy and population of northern Australia;
  • Encourage private-sector participation in infrastructure financing; and
  • Promote sustainable Indigenous participation, procurement and employment.

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NAIF can fund projects in parts of Queensland and Western Australia above the Tropic of Capricorn, as well as the whole of the Northern Territory. The area we cover has also been expanded to include the Australian Indian Ocean Territories of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

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We can finance infrastructure projects and businesses – large, medium and small – across all sectors, including mining and resources, agriculture and aquaculture, transport (including airports, ports, rail and logistics), energy, water, education, tourism, social infrastructure, healthcare, telecommunications and manufacturing.

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Projects are considered on a case-by-case basis, however, because of the high level of work required to carry out due diligence, assess public benefit, complete all documentation, and develop Indigenous Engagement Strategies, we primarily focus on providing loans above $10 million. This ensures the potential benefits of NAIF financing outweigh the costs involved in the assessment and approval process.

NAIF does not provide grants or fund business cases. Our financing is in the form of commercial loans or equity.

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Our purpose is to provide financing support to businesses by funding and encouraging private-sector investment into projects that will facilitate sustainable economic growth. 

To be considered for financing by NAIF, your project must meet the mandatory criteria outlined in our Investment Mandate. 

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