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North Queensland

North Queensland is a region with a diverse economy heavily influenced by its natural resources, agriculture, tourism, and unique geographical features.

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NAIF’s boundary for northern Australia encompasses North Queensland above the Tropic of Capricorn, as well as the regional centres of Gladstone and the Gladstone Hinterland.

Similar to other parts of Australia, mining is a significant contributor to the economy of North Queensland. The region is known for its rich deposits of minerals and resources, including coal, minerals, critical minerals and precious metals. 

North Queensland is a major agricultural hub, producing a wide variety of crops such as sugar cane, tropical fruits, including bananas, mangoes, and livestock, primarily cattle.

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the world's most famous natural wonders, stretches along the coast of North Queensland. This makes tourism a major economic driver, attracting visitors for snorkelling, scuba diving and reef exploration. Additionally, the region's tropical climate and natural beauty contribute to its popularity as a tourist destination.

North Queensland is prone to extreme weather events such as cyclones and floods, which can damage infrastructure and disrupt economic activities.

The region's vastness and remote locations can pose challenges for transportation, infrastructure development, and service delivery. Investment in infrastructure, particularly in transportation and port facilities, has been a priority to facilitate trade and economic growth.

North Queensland has the potential to harness renewable energy sources, particularly solar and wind power. As awareness of environmental concerns grows, renewable energy initiatives have gained traction.

The region's proximity to Asia presents strong opportunities for trade and investment, making Queensland a key player in Australia's relationships with neighbouring countries.

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