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Sectors We Support

NAIF plays a pivotal role in driving northern Australia's infrastructure growth. Our innovative financing assists projects that promote economic growth, benefit the public, and advance sustainable Indigenous outcomes. Explore the sectors and projects shaping the region's future.

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Agriculture and Water

Agriculture and water are vital components of northern Australia's landscape and economy. NAIF supports projects that enhance the region's agricultural productivity, water management, and sustainability. Our financing drives the creation of irrigation infrastructure, water storage facilities, and agricultural processing plants. These projects not only boost local economies but also contribute to food security on a broader scale. 

Agriculture and Water



NAIF is a significant player in the energy sector, striving to propel northern Australia towards a sustainable and reliable energy future. We are actively involved in financing projects across various energy domains, including renewables generation, as well as transmission and storage. The renewable energy projects we have supported all contribute to and align with, the Australian Net Zero Strategy and our Environment and Social Guidelines. 

Energy at Genex Kidston Hydro Pumped Storage Facility


Financing Partnerships

NAIF recognises the importance of collaboration in achieving our goals. Our Financing Partnerships sector is designed to foster collaboration with private-sector entities, bringing together expertise, resources and funding to move infrastructure projects forward. Through these partnerships, NAIF drives economic growth and enhances public benefit. 

Territory Infrastructure Loans Financing Partnerships



The abundant resources of northern Australia offer significant potential for economic growth and development. NAIF's involvement in the resources sector spans projects related to fertilisers, critical minerals and rare earths, gold, copper, urea, and other valuable commodities. By supporting responsible and sustainable resource development, we contribute to both regional prosperity and global supply chains. 

Strandline Coburn Heavy Minerals Project Resources


Social Infrastructure

NAIF understands the importance of robust social infrastructure in building thriving communities. The social infrastructure projects we support enhance education, healthcare and community facilities to help improve the overall quality of life in northern Australia. By financing projects that address social needs, we contribute to the liveability and sustainable development of the region. 

JCU Engineering and Innovation Place Social Infrastructure


Transport and Logistics

Efficient transport and logistics networks are critical for connecting communities and facilitating economic activity in northern Australia. NAIF's involvement in the Transport & Logistics sector focuses on financing projects that enhance connectivity through improved port and airport infrastructure. By optimising transportation networks, we contribute to the efficient transportation of goods, services and people across the region. 

Alliance Airlines Transport and Logistics

At NAIF, our commitment to accelerating infrastructure development in northern Australia is underpinned by our deep understanding of the north. We invite you to discover the diverse sectors we support and learn more about the projects that are shaping the region's future. Join us in our journey to drive public benefit, economic and population growth, and sustainable Indigenous involvement in this dynamic and thriving part of Australia.

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