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Northern Australia is a diverse and vibrant region, rich in opportunities to drive growth in infrastructure, jobs and investment. A strong and prosperous north is critical to Australia's economic future and requires long-term commitment and united efforts across government, industry, the private sector, and communities.

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To achieve our aim of being an innovative financing partner driving growth in northern Australia, we prioritise the development of partnerships with government agencies, private-sector entities, regional development bodies, regional advocacy groups, and local government. 

Our approach hinges on the collective efforts of all stakeholders who share NAIF’s vision and we recognise and value the diverse capacities, knowledge and expertise that our partners bring to the table. 

Through these partnerships, we identify common interests, coordinate activities, and leverage outcomes across northern Australia. To foster dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders NAIF actively participates in regional round tables, industry forums, and business events. These platforms help us expand and strengthen our partnerships while gaining valuable knowledge and insights that help us achieve our objectives. 

To enhance coordination and information sharing for generating economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians, we have established a memorandum of understanding with the National Indigenous Australians Agency, Indigenous Business Australia, and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation. Through collaborative efforts and coordinated actions, our organisations aim to unlock the economic potential of Indigenous Australians across northern Australia. 

NAIF recognises that government support and collaboration at all levels is required for the development of northern Australia. We take a national partnership approach, working closely with local government and state jurisdiction partners in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. This collaborative approach combines the expertise and resources of multiple stakeholders to create an environment conducive to successful investments. 

To help us support the Australian Government’s northern Australia agenda, some of the partner agencies and organisations we work with include:

Special Investment Vehicles

A special investment vehicle is a specific type of fund or financial structure used for investment purposes. These vehicles are often established by the government and managed by designated entities.

Australian Government Investment Funds

The Australian Government has investment funds that are managed by the Future Fund Board of Guardians. The Finance Minister and Treasurer jointly hold the power to issue an Investment Mandate for each fund, credit amounts to the fund, and arrange for debits through the relevant Special Account.

Government Agencies

NAIF collaborates with other government agencies by providing a broad range of financial assistance to infrastructure proponents in northern Australia.


We recognise the importance of engaging and collaborating with Indigenous groups across the region, as they are the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land and waters where projects are located. NAIF encourages proponents to work closely with Indigenous groups to ensure that their views, interests and aspirations are respected and incorporated in the project design, delivery and operation. NAIF also supports projects that create opportunities for Indigenous participation, employment, training and business development. By fostering strong and respectful relationships with Indigenous Groups, we aim to contribute to the empowerment and wellbeing of Indigenous communities in northern Australia.

Industry and Trade Groups

By collaborating and connecting with industry and trade groups, we help to identify and facilitate opportunities for project proponents. NAIF also provides access to expert advice, market intelligence and best practices that can enhance the viability and sustainability of projects in the region.

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