Onslow Marine Support Base - Indigenous Outcomes Progress Report July 2020

  • 15 Jul 2020
  • IES Progress Report

Project: Marine supply facility including wharf and harbour expansion. Location: Onslow, WA

Onslow Marine Support Base landing

Project update: July 2020

The Onslow Marine Support Base has finalised its construction program, obtained formal declaration of the waterway depths and been managing the impacts of COVID-19 on local, national and international trade factors.

View from the top of a boat docked to the Onslow Marine Support Base with front loader moving assets onto the boat and a worker looking on

OMSB and Agility – the operating contractor – directly engaged Real Employment For Aboriginal People (REFAP), the local Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) provider, to assist with Indigenous employment outcomes. An eight-week employment opportunity was able to be provided to seven local Indigenous people with the participants now positioned for future employment having completed all necessary training and inductions.

Strong relationships have been maintained with BTAC, the new CEO of the Shire of Ashburton, the Department of Transport and other key stakeholders which has enabled the:

  • finalisation of tenure over lot 9001 (220,000m2 of industrial laydown less than 2kms from marine base);
  • finalisation of a new s.91 licence over the dedicated haul road connecting the marine base to lot 9001;
  • waterway depth declarations;
  • approval of various vessel sizes to call into the base (through simulations).

OMSB has supported a range of local and Indigenous businesses – providing over $350,000 worth of contracts in the six-month reporting period.

The improved capacity provided by additional industrial land (lot 9001) will enable increased traffic which in turn will deliver greater local and Indigenous contracting and employment opportunities.

The potential for ancillary activities including warehousing, mud and cements and transport etc will translate into significant employment opportunities to be realised over the coming years.

OMSB continues to play a key facilitation role building positive and effective partnerships with Indigenous and regional stakeholders with further regular engagement between the CEOs of BTAC and the Shire of Ashburton to drive increase economic activity across the township.

As with all NAIF proponents, OMSB will continue to report on its IES obligations throughout the ‘operational phase’ of the project.

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